How to Market your Facebook Shop by Shopify on Instagram

How to maximize your marketing efforts and successfully market your Facebook shop by Shopify on Instagram? Read this article and find out!

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms on the web. Both platforms offer high returns on advertising campaigns, especially for ecommerce businesses. Despite the recent changes and updates to Facebook, the platform shows no sign of slowing down. Instagram is following the trends as well.
It is in your online business best interested to accept any platform changes and take advantage of the advertising campaigns.
We suppose you are already familiar with the pros of running your own Facebook shop by Shopify and you have successfully integrated your Shopify store with your Facebook page. If you still haven’t integrated, we recommend you to do that as soon as possible.

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Once Shopify and Facebook are integrated, you can start promoting and selling on Facebook the items from your Shopify store. The good news is that Facebook and Instagram both offer great opportunities for you to promote your items.
In this article, we will discuss how to maximize your marketing efforts and successfully market your Facebook shop by Shopify on Instagram.
The first decision is how to split your advertising budget. This decision will impact your brand and the relationship with your potential buyers.

Facebook Shop by Shopify on Instagram
We recommend you to start by identifying audience personas. Personas are a snapshot of your ideal buyer and building out customer profiles using Facebook will help you not only to better spend your advertising budget but your content marketing budget as well. You need to keep in mind that sometimes, you may have several types of ideal customer for your store. In this case, you may need to run a broad range of ad groups in order for you to meet all different requirements.
Facebook shop by Shopify

Instagram also offers a wealth of persona targeting features. In order for you to draw this data out, we recommend you to get more harsh with your research. We also recommend you to combine Facebook and Instagram and get the most out of both platforms.

Useful followers have profiles with lots of activities in the form of comments and likes. By using this tool, you can sort your listings of active or loyal followers in no time. You can also create a selection of profiles to take notes from.

Don’t forget about using niche influencers. Instagram, has made influencer marketing the popular industry it is today and it is definitely the go-to platform for Shopify sellers integrate to collaborate with influencers and promote their online stores.
The influencer campaigns are a great way to promote your online brand. There are niche stars for every business industry and they can be sourced from many of the most popular social influencer marketplaces.

If you make a little research, you will discover that some accounts have millions of followers while some interest accounts have only a couple of thousands of followers. If you want to successfully promote your Facebook shop by Shopify, we recommend you to consider the popular accounts. The dedicated marketplaces make influencer marketing a great and affordable option for ecommerce brands of different types and sizes.

There are so many ways you can use to promote your Facebook shop by Shopify, however, Instagram is proved to be one of the best and most effective ones. You can create your own Instagram account in a matter of seconds, use your creativity and add some interesting photos, and you will be ready to promote your Shopify store and your items. As simple as that!

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