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3 Surefire Tips of Targeting the Right Audience When Selling On Facebook with Shopify

Imagine you are selling jewelry on Facebook. You post them on groups where customers are searching for that gem. What will happen? Certainly, you will drive high sales and earn huge returns. Selling right products to the right customers is the business success maxim. However, it is not always an obvious thing. Sometimes you will spend your time and money marketing to the wrong audience. This approach will result in low conversion rates and sales. Probably, you may decide to consult your friends or peers to see if they can offer some ideas on how to reach the right audience in your Shopify Facebook store. If you are encountering these challenges, here are 3 surefire tips for targeting the right audience when selling on Facebook:

­ Spy your competitor’s page to see what is working for them

Are you having challenges in understanding who are the right audience for your products? Well, days are gone when you had a chance to use a spy tool to assess your competitor’s approach. But this does not mean you can’t realize this goal. Through the Facebook pages, you can determine what is working for your competitors and copy or customize a similar approach. All you will need to do is to visit their online store. Upon leaving, you will see retargeting ads on your Facebook news feed. On these ads, you can click the option that asks “why do I see this ad?” This option will provide you with insightful information on your competitor’s targets. Hence, you can proceed on to copy it or customize it to fit your audience.

­ Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are one way of reaching out to the right audience. As you know, Facebook allows you to customize your ads to reach a specific audience. For example, you can have an ad targeting employed audience in London age between 21 to 35 years. Such an ad will appear on the said geographic region and the newsfeed of the target audience. This way, you are certain that driving sales will be an easy journey in your Shopify Facebook store.

­ Join groups that tally with what you are selling

Certainly, you can only sell to people who need your products. You cannot sell automobile spare parts in electronic repairs groups.  To make sales in your Shopify Facebook store, join and promote your products on the e-commerce groups on your niche.

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