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Is A Chatbot Important In Your Shopify Facebook Store?

E-commerce is changing per dawn. The desire for having physical-virtual experience is leading to innovations. Customers are seeking ways of purchasing products online while having an experience similar to one they would enjoy in a brick and mortar store. This aspect led to the evolvement of conversational commerce. Machine learning and IA are taking space and transforming how people interact online.

Also, they are enhancing customer services. Through the innovation of chatbots, the collaborative purchasing process is now possible. As a new webpreneur running a Shopify Facebook store, you might be wondering whether having a chatbot is a good idea. Should you invest your cash in the bot development or it’s just a waste of time? Here is why you need a Chatbot when selling on Facebook:

Offering real-time responses

Imagine you are looking on to buy a product at a particular store. You need several questions answered before proceeding on with the process. You make a call but goes unanswered. You write a message on the live chat platform. No one responds to you. You decide to reach them through an e-mail. Still, nothing seems to work. Certainly, you will be disappointed and seek an alternative provider. This reality can be what your potential customers are going through at the moment. With a chatbot, you can turnaround this situation. The chatbot enables you to offer real-time responses. Your customer can get their questions answered immediately. Hence, you avoid losing sales.

Enhance personalized services

As you are aware, modern customers are seeking personalized services. They are looking for a person who will serve them according to their likes and preferences. Also, they want recognition and offers designed for them. For example, when a customer logs on or visits your Facebook Shopify store, they feel respected when you send them a welcome text with their name. This practice can lead to a sale. Chatbots allows you to realize this objective. Through the application of AI and Machine learning, you can customize your chatbots to offer personalized services. This way, you strengthen your customer service and the opportunity to drive more sales.

Boost your customer engagement

Customer engagement is no longer a foreign phrase. If you are in the e-commerce sector, you understand the essence of retaining a substantial customer engagement. Chatbot helps you to realize this objective. The bot involves your targets in a conversation through their messenger. This way, you harness your Shopify Facebook store sales

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