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Is Integrating Shopify With Facebook Worth It?

Is your Shopify store integrated with Facebook? If not, you’re losing essential opportunities for enhancing your profitability. From statistics, over 20% of American shoppers are purchasing or searching for products on Facebook. Also, Facebook is ranking as the second largest virtual market. Your ability to utilize this selling channel will determine your sales levels.

Given that business is a social engagement, you have a responsibility of ensuring this remains so even in the virtual arena. As such, you should obtain a platform that harnesses your customer socialization. In this essence, integrating your Shopify store with Facebook can be a great stride. But is it worth your efforts? Here is why you need to consider it:

Opportunity to build your brand through a social approach

As you know, building a sustainable brand is not a walk in the park. You must work extra hard and drain your sweat to achieve this objective. However, with the Shopify Facebook combination, you have an easy way of building your brand. Your customers can like, comment, or share your content with peers. Also, you engage your customers socially and explain to them about your offers. This way, you boost your brand recognition and awareness leading to more conversions and sales.

You take your products where customers are

If you are not new to the e-commerce arena, you understand the theory of multichannel selling. For newbies, it is an approach of taking your items where customers or prospects spend their time. Facebook is one place where people spend their time. More than 2 billion people are active on Facebook each month. Hence, integrating your Shopify store with Facebook allows you to reach out to a wider audience. Also, you have an opportunity to convert visitors into customers without many struggles. In a word, the combination adds another selling channel which offers an upper hand on your profitability and revenue level.

Enables you to get your foot on the e-commerce world with limited resources

Are you facing a shoestring budget? If this is the case, you have an opportunity to get your foot on the e-commerce field with ease. Shopify offers an affordable plan that helps you to build a fully functional online store on Facebook. With it, you enjoy extensive listing and other crucial features for managing your online store. The Shopify Lite package is destined to help upcoming webpreneurs to set off their journey of selling online. Hence, the Shopify Facebook combination is a good idea for both established and budding webpreneurs.

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